Saturday, December 13, 2008

Singapore Christmas Trees

Liang Court

The Central

Suntec City

Changi Airport


Anonymous said...

Do u ever wonder how those giant Christmas trees r stored after the season ?

We usually hv a real tree which will be collected by the garbage truck for compost-shredding on the 3rd day in the new year (they come around once a fortnight). So there's just the decorations that needed to be boxed up n stored but those alone took up all the space in our attics !

Anonymous said...


those trees are made of plastic, not the real ones! hello? singapore is a tropic country. most tropic countries are trying to imitate the western style of christmas. or should I say they are only commercializing the christmas season,christmas sales, christmas decors, etc. they dont care about the true meaning of it. In the Philippines however, Filipinos celebrate the real meaning of christmas, its very traditional since, Philippines is under the colony of spain for 333 years and america for 45 years, the Filipinos have adapted some spanish and american culture. For your information, the Philippines has the longest celebrtion of Christmas....most of people starts to decorate their home at the start of ber months and christmas ends at the first sunday of january. we observe 9 days of midnight christmas mass in every catholic church, gift giving at christmas day, christmas feast at christmas eve and many more. you should come to the philippine sto see the big difference.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Laudemer,

I believe what Dutchie is saying is that the christmas trees in her homeland, Holland, are the real trees not artificial trees.

Anyway, Laudemer, though I don't celebrate christmas, I agree with you that this festival should focus more on its significance and not the high hype much frenzy merry-making.

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