Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rubix’s Cube

The Rubix’s Cube was a decades-old toy. It was a toy I encountered and played with since young; but nevertheless a toy I could never master till now!

I always find it amazing how some young kids could easily twist, turn and flip the cube till they got the 6 uniformly coloured faces ‘correct’ .. and all within minutes. The ease with which they carried out the ‘feat’ put me to shame as I have played with Rubix’s cube no lesser than 50 times in my life but have never for once mastered the feat (or trick?).

Is there a trick behind the Rubix’s Cube? Or is the game a ‘mind’ game, a game which test how flexible or inflexible your mind is? Or are the skills to solving the Rubix Cube already hard-wired in us: either you have it or you don’t?

The internet is abound with the secrets to decoding the Rubix’s Cube, with pictures and videos depicting each and every step to ‘getting it right’. Prior to this source, books on cracking the Rubix’s cube were aplenty. But I have never ‘consult’ these ‘secret manuals’, as I am harboring a hope that one day, I will be able to master the Rubix’s Cube unaided!

However, it seems like I have no passion for Rubix’s cube rather than facing the grim prospect of being resigned to the fact that my spatial cognitive ability is not that strong for I have not really tried to practise and better my skills on this great cube for years!

The Rubix’s cube is intriguing: as a toy of the yesteryears, it has not followed the footsteps of the dinosaurs like its contemporaries but has instead continued to be played as a popular game worldwide. It has continued to be evolved with time rather than being made obsolete. In fact, this simple but yet challenging cube has not only continue to be played globally, it has reignited the passion of its lovers to the extent that modern contemporaries of the cube are invented: 2x2 Rubix’s cubes, 5 x 5 Rubix’s cubes and Rubix’s cubes of a myriad different shapes, sizes, turns and twists.

The Rubix’s cube may be one of the most popular toys ever played now and before. It is an ‘evergreen’ toy and it owns its phenomenal success simply due to folks like me (who continue to think on ways to crack the ‘code’) and diehard fans (who reinvented the modern versions of the cube).

With the 5x5 cube already on the market, it just adds to the challenge of me mastering the 3 x 3 Rubix’s cube!

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