Thursday, December 25, 2008

Local fashion of the Year Award

The local fashion of the year award goes to the new Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) 'Number 4' camouflaged uniform!
The uniform is a refreshing break from its predecessors and I first saw this new 'Number 4' uniform worn by a recruit booking out for Christmas on a MRT platform.
The recruit was carrying such a heavy 'Ali Baba' bag and he looked very tired, however he was alerted to find himself as the centre of focus among the crowd of passengers waiting to board the train.
Comments ranged from 'So ugly' to 'Cool' though the former opinion was in the majority. Asked for my opinion, I was really shocked to see such a uniform worn by our Singapore soliders! The uniform is really ugly as it is very green and it is just not suitable to be worn by our soldiers aethestically, though I must praise the relevant authorities for coming out with such a fine-pixelled design as the uniforms really make our soldiers hard to detect in the jungles! and that is the main intent for a change in the design as SAF gears up for more unconventional threats in the future.
Above is my opinion, so sorry I am not posting a photo of this No.4 uniform on my blog as I would like you local readers to see for yourself and to give your comments.
If you are free today being a public holiday and have nothing to do, head down to Pasir Ris bus interchange around 6pm or so to see these young recruits booking in these very green uniforms.
The bright green uniforms makes our soldiers look thinner as bright colours always make people dress in them looked less fatter.
Anyway, since I have read and heard of many commenting on our new SAF Number 4 uniform, thus I believe that it earns its keep as the local fashion of the year award.
Ultimately, if our soldiers wear these No. 4 uniforms, have a better rate of survival in the jungles, kill more enemies during wartimes, and leads to an earlier victory for Singapore, griping about the new No.4 uniform is insignificant........though in my opinion, I still cannot really accept the design.
The new SAF number Number 4 uniform is to Singaporeans what the esplanade is to us. When the esplanade first came up, it caused such a furore among the public on the aesthetics of its design.... but now it seems like Singaporeans have accepted it.
Oh now suddenly, I heard a rhyme in my head, it goes like this (if you know the song):
"Count on me Singapore"
"In my new Number 4"


Annoymous said...

Its meant to be camouflaged right, i aint suppose to see that guy if he's in the jungle? Now that's scary!

Singapore Short Stories said...

hehe harmony, thats our 3G soldiers!

silvre said...

I've gone thru the temasek green No.3 which was use for training, temasek green No.4, camouflage No.4 with inner part covered with a thin sheet of latex and the camouflage no. 4 without the latex. I guess the latest camou no.4 would be a better improvement. Less visible to the enemy.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Silvre,

Yes I agreed with you!

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