Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hot Singapore Chirstmas

Our weather these days have returned to normalcy.. hot and humid, a far cry from the past few days when the weather was cool and windy.
These afternoons have become hot and humid again! Not befitting the Christmas session which is usually or should be marked by days of cool and wet rainy weather. That should be how Christmas is like in Singapore: rainy, sunless and cool, this is at least how Christmas shoud be like here, as Singaporeans are deprived of the four seasions.
Singaporeans have missed one of the joys of living on this planet earth: the joy and fun of experiencing the four sessions, of experiencing snow and other seasonal natural changes.
While Singaporeans have missed the intrisnic joys of experiencing the four seasons, we are lucky not to have experienced the wrath of nature: earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, etc.
A recent report put up by the Meteorological Services have also put the probability of Singapore being hit by a tsunamis as zero. But who is to validate this report? The answer is when a real tsunamis really hits us... then we can see whether the findings of the report are accurate or not. But let this day not happen else should a tsunamis come crashing to our little island, this tiny red dot of us would crumble and vanish with the gigantic waves!

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