Thursday, December 04, 2008

Singapore Christmas

With just exactly 3 weeks to go, Christmas is already in the air in our little island!

The raft of shopping centres in Singapore have already been decked in their splendid Chrismas regalia, and for some buildings and shopping centres, Christmas tree is a necessary fixture each year.

I scoured the town for some of the Christmas trees I sighted today and there they were:

a) Christmas tree at Raffles Hotel

The tree looks lovely, thus warranting a shot from me. The picture looks misty as it was misty then.. after a heavy shower. Anyway the mist lent a touch of Christmas charm to the photo.

My ranking: *** (out of 5 stars)

b) Christmas tree at Raffles City

This tree is a giant! I had to walk some distance in front of the tree just to capture its full glory! Again, the mist is there due to the rain. Unfortunately some passer-bys were captured in the photo due to the heavy street around the tree. These passer-bys are not part of the decorations. To me this tree looks mature, solid, simple yet classic.

My ranking: **** (out of 5 stars)

c) Christmas tree at Peninsular Shopping Centre

Just a stone throw away stood the Chrismas tree at Peninsular Shopping Centre. It is not really very nice but I just want to applaud the shopping centre for putting up a Christmas tree as not all shopping centres do that.

My ranking: ** (out of 5 stars)

d) Christmas tree at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

The tallest Christmas tree, undisputedly in Singapore, spanning almost 3 storeys of the shopping centre.

My ranking: **** (out of 5 stars)
So what would be my definition of a full ***** (5 star) Christmas tree? It would be one which is done up by ourselves, together with family and friends, as the tree would be the sweetest of all Christmas trees done up as compared to those by various organisations in Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Nice of you sharing the photos... at least get to see the nice environment.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya Thanks for your comments, CK!

I discovered even more interesting and fantastic Christmas trees today, will share with readers more on this soon!

Anonymous said...

SSS ! That must hv been quite some leg work leh ! The mist does add a nice touch to the pix. Last weekend it snowed here n I snap a few shots for my niece in Sg bec she's nuts abt the white stuff ;-) We hv the same kind of trees in our back garden. In fact most of my neighbours hv them as well n they hv it decorated with lights that looks festive during our long winter nites.

Singapore Short Stories said...

which country are you in now, Dutchie?

Anonymous said...

The low lands, as Holland is called :-)

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