Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ao Chengkai

The top scholar for this year 'N' Levels examinations is Ao Chengkai, a Chinese national student from Yio Chu Kang secondary school, who came to Singapore only two years ago.

When he first came to Singapore two years ago, Ao Chengkai's command of English was far from average. It was due to his sheer hard work that he managed to ace both his English as well as this year's 'N' levels examinations.

Whle it is no longer surprising to find a non-Singaporean acing our national examinations, I find it really amazing how the hunger to succeed can drive Ao ChengKai to score an ace in English though being slightly disadvantaged as compared with his Singaporean counterparts who have been schooled in English since a young tender age.

A number of Singaporean students, who came to contact with English and use the langugae since young could not be able to score an ace, but Ao Chengkai with just two years, was able to master the language to a high level.

This feat must be attributed to the hunger for success. The more hungry is the person for success, he would succeed and at a higher level of accomplishment!

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