Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top 10 Singapore Searches for Year 2008

Today, Yahoo released the top Singapore searches in its search engine for this year, 2008 :

1. Mas Selamat Kastari

2. Lo Hwei Yen

3. Edison Chen

4. F1 Singapore

5. Beijing Olympics

6. SGX

7. Dawn Yang

8. Xiaxue

9. COE

10. Beach Bal Babes

Topping the list of the Singapore’s top searches for year 2008 is none other than the most wanted man of Singapore and one of the most wanted in the world: Mas Selamat Kastari! I can say that Mas Selamat really deserves the accolade of Singapore’s most searchable person as Singaporeans are searching for him both in the cyberworld and in the real world! The Interpol and the Singapore police as well as many Singaporeans are searching for him both in and outside cyberspace at any time of the time. The search for Mas Selamat is relentless!

Coming in 2nd is Lo Hwei Yen. This 2nd place accolade is definitely not something that her loved ones and her will want for Lo Hwei Yen has obtained the unenviable title of being the first Singaporean to be killed by terrorists. My heart goes out to Lo Hwei Yen and her family. May Hwei Yen rest in peace.

In third placing, Edison Chen, in seventh place Dawn Yang and in the eight place XiaXue, it is funny Singaporeans are searching for them as personally I find it a waste of time to follow the happenings in their life.

I am shocked that the searches for ‘F1 Singapore’ and ‘Beijing Olympics’ are below Edison Chen. With the bulk of the internet-savvy being our youth, the results go to show that our youths are more interested in sensational news and happenings like Edison’s sex scandals, the escape of Mas Selamat and the brutal killing of Lo Hwei Yen, all the top 3 searches.

COE must have made it into the top 10 list due to the $1 bid for car in the previous month and for SGX to be in the No. 6 spot, it must be related to the economic tsunamis, which sent all stock prices crashing down!

Last on the top 10 list: Beach Bal Babes? What is that? This is my first time seeing this term, let me google this term to find out:
From the words, it must be some babes on Beach Bal, don’t know where is Beach Bal too….oh I think there is a spelling mistake … it should be beach ball babes.. anyway it is just some TCS artistes wearing bikinis.. no big deal too! Again credits must be given to our youth for chalking up those searches on these TCS bikini girls…. due to our youths’ hyping up over such plot which is a cliché, TCS producers and advertisers are seeing great results!

I am disappointed with the top 10 Yahoo Singapore searches for this year with the inclusion of Edison, Dawn Yang, Xiaxue, Beach Bal (or Ball?) girls… what a waste of our teens’ time.

Too bad Tan Kin Lian did not make it to the top 10 Singapore Search as he has created many headlines too in recent months for his bid to run for Presidency with 100,000 signatures, at the very least, if placed third, it would still be better than Edison Chen ( a shame that Singaporeans are searching cyberspace for a non-Singaporean, a Hong Kong actor who is known for his ‘photography’ skills!)

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