Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Singapore Flyer grounded!

The Singapore Flyer experienced technical glitches around 4pm this afternoon, leaving 170 odd passengers stranded up on the world's largest observation flyer for about 6 hours when eventually the power was restored at 11.11pm. (see story),

Since the Flyer became operational in February this year, this is the third time it has encountered problems. This is what I call the Curse of the Golden Flyer (not flower as in the movie)!

Being stuck in the world's largest observation flyer is no joke. What will happen if the passengers have a full bladder or a liquid bladder? Are they expected to relieve in front of the other 10 to 20 people in the cabin? or else what else can they do or can they 'tahan' for so long?

Parents who were stuck with little children have not to contend with their own fears and inconveniences but also to pacify their children's incessant crying if any.

Singapore is a safe country, but when the MRT and now the Singapore Flyer is down, we face a long response time. This response time is not acceptable at all. With terrorism rearing its ugly head, what will happen if there is a terrorist attack here in Singapore and we see response time comparable to today's Singapore Flyer case? We will then have a cause for worry.

Expect a torrent of criticism levelled at the Singapore Flyer management from the public and netizens starting from now. It is not the first time Singapore Flyer is grounded and the flyer management should have learnt from the past experiences and launch a quicker response plan for today's incident.

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