Sunday, December 07, 2008

Singapore Expo

It was a happening day at the Singapore Expo today with almost all 6 halls having events simultaneously.
Hall 1 and 2 held the CFA and ACCA test, where from 9am to 5pm, almost 4000 students battled for a distinction in the exams. After the examinations, the throngs of thousands of students exiting the hall was simply awesome!, catching me in total bewilderment!
For Hall 3, there was no event, but the regular John Little Sales again reared its head at Expo, this time in Hall 4.

As usual, too many items, too much crowd for my comfort, and there was a dazzling collection of items to choose from.
Hall 5 was a bit quiet though there was an event occuring as well in the hall: some sports and fitness exhibition.
Finally for Hall 6, it was the Borders Books Sales where new, crispy and fresh books were sold for $5 each. However, I did not buy any book each as I was too busy with my current life and existing tomes of books to peruse new titles.


eastcoastlife said...

Borders sale!? I didn't know... or else I would go grab some books!

Anonymous said...

Oh hoho, didn't know that Borders selling books at $5 each. Popping by tomorrow then.

Anonymous said...

Does Borders do that every year ? Both hubby n I r book lovers - he's into PC thingy while I love novels, esp. the "who dunit" genre.

For S$5 tho, I would probably buy as much as I could lug back to europe bec books here r very expensive. A translated book (from english to dutch)costs 5-10 euro's more n the english version is hardly available *sigh*

Singapore Short Stories said...

I am not very sure whether Borders does such sales every year.

The books are in real good condition, pity if there are too many unsold.

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