Thursday, December 25, 2008

Singapore’s Animal of the year for Year 2008

With the close of a tumultuous and somewhat eventful year 2008 for the world, the world has come to a deliberation for the persons, events, things and even animals, which are the most popular and representative of their countries in a year which will close in a week’s time.

Earlier on, I have shared with readers about the top 50 most beautiful persons in China released by the Chinese authorities, the top 10 Singapore searches this year, etc.. there are always never-ending lists of such accolades dished out every year end from different sources.

Today, China has released its animal of the year award. This accolade goes to Zhu Jian Qiang (a name which means ‘Strong Pig’) given to a pig, which has survived for 36 days beneath the deep rubble during the Sichuan earthquake. The pig is now a model of strength, courage and inspiration for entrepreneurs in this troubled time.

Singapore Short Stories has also come out with the award for ‘Singapore’s Animal of the year’, the accolade goes to ‘Ah Meng’: our dear friend who has passed away due to old age on 8 February this year. Come February next year, Singaporeans from all walks of life will commemorate Ah Meng with the inaugural Safari Zoo Run 2009.

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