Thursday, December 25, 2008

Singapore Awards for Year 2008

Singapore Short Stories has released its own Singapore list of awards for people, events and things who and which are the movers and shakers for this year:


1) Singaporean of the year award: Tan Kin Lian
2) Most glamorous New Citizen of the year award: Gong Li
3) Sportsman of the year award: Feng Tian Wei / Tao Li
4) Most missed Singaporean of the year award: Lo Hwei Yen
5) Most wanted Singaporean of the year award: Mas Selamat
6) TCS artiste of the year: Chew Chor Meng
7) PAP politician of the year: Mr K. Shanmugam (from backbencher to full-fledged minister), Ms Lee Bee Wah (Table Tennis Saga)
8) Opposition politician of the year: Mr Tan Lead Shake (whose wife murdered his sister-in-law)


1) Most glamorous event of the year award: F1 Singapore
2) Most unglamorous event of the year award: Singapore Recession
3) Most shocking event of the year award: White Tiger’s mauling of a cleaner to death
4) Most embarrassing event of the year: Escape of Mas Selamat
5) Most family-oriented event: Parents matchmaking for their children at Hong Lim Park
6) Sports event of the year: One Silver Olympic medal (at last) for Singapore (Table tennis)


1) Animal of the year award: Ah Meng


1) Best local attraction of the year award: Marina Barrage / The Southern Ridges
2) Best hangout place: Bugis
3) Most embarrassing local attraction of the year award: The Singapore Flyer
4) Park of the year award: Hong Lim Park (from matchmaking to Lehman product investers’ meeting and rally to speeches)
5) Shopping centre of the year: Vivocity
6) Most ‘worried’ estate of the year: Serangoon Gardens (Foreign workers’ dormitory proposed there)


1) Food of the year award: Donuts (seems like it has become the common snack here)


1) Speech of the year award: PM Lee’s National Day Rally
2) Most drenched words of the year: the 3 ‘R’s: Recession, Retrenchment and Reduction and of course, inflation
3) Most hated product of the year: Lehman Brothers


1. Blog of the year: Singapore Short Stories (yes, my blog, the blog you are reading now, else whats the point of my writing if I don’t feel and believe in my blog?)

That’s all folks, sorry I do not have any categories for music, arts and others.. perhaps you can send in your comments on what should be in too.

Thanks and Merry Xmas!


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