Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fountain of Wealth

Tonight (12 Dec 08), my Dear and I went to the Fountain of Wealth, situated right at the heart of Suntec City.
We were suprised to see groups of people walking around the fountain of gushing water: this is the Fountain of Wealth!

We went to the entry of the fountain and the following sign greeted us:

Everything looked interesting and so we had a go at it and had a very good time walking around the fountain, hands embracing the fountain of wealth!

The fountain architecture was mesmerizing with the stunning everchanging wizardy of light display and technology:

Once again, another dazzling city skyline which parrallels that of Clarke Quay!

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Anonymous said...

One of my friend works at Suntec n has a nice view of the fountain (non active during the day)from a height. The fountain doesnt seemed to be active in the day ?

Ur pix is really beautiful .. didnt know they dressed it up with festive lights bec Suntec is kinda deserted after office hours, unless the restaurants r doing brisk bizz in the evenings ?

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