Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay at night, is transformed into mini-Europe, with Eurporean pubs and restaurants contained within the magnificient Eurporean architecture.

Ten year back, Clarke Quay was quite boring and remote, fast forward to today, this little vicinity around the Singapore river has become indeed quite happening.

I love the unique architecture of the giant structures covering most of the Clarke Quay's pubbing area. Shot from below, they resemble colourful octopuses:


Anonymous said...

I remember the dancing fountains bec my nephews n nieces loves playing with it.

If more clubs were al-fresco, it would bring the streets alive with music n the partying, wouldnt it ?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Dutchie,

Ya, your suggestion would liven up the streets with all the partying.

Come, New Year’s eve, there would be a massive street partying in various parts of Singapore once again!

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