Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do you Google yourself?

I ‘google’ myself regularly (meaning to say, searching for my name in Google). I also ‘yahoo’ myself regularly.

The search engines turn out interesting information on me (provided you are really you yourself in the search results as it is common to share the same names with others).

For example, when I google myself today, I was surprised to find a new search result of myself: my name and comments being quoted on a magazine; something unknown to me till now, thus it was a pleasant surprise.

It is beneficial to ‘google’ yourself regularly, to see what have been written of you unknowingly; who knows you would also be able to pick up blogs of friends who have mentioned your names in their online diaries, it would be interesting to note what they have written of you: either good or bad comments.

I also ‘google’ and ‘yahoo’ my blog regularly and was also surprised to find my blog being picked up by some online news and articles repositories here and there.

I still feel surprised that my blog is still No.1 on when one searches for ’Singapore Stories’ or ’Singapore Short Stories’ !


Anonymous said...

Good to hv ur efforts highlighted with a vote of confidence :-D

Blogs r kinda like soap series on TV. Ur followers will get a withdrawal symptom when it's not there !

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Dutchie,

So do you get a withdrawal symptom if you do not read my blog too? hehe …

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