Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eat with your Family Day 2010

Today, 27 May 2010 is Eat with your family Day, a day initiated by the Singapore government.

As Mary was packaging her bag to leave for home an hour earlier than the usual knock-off time on this special day. Her boss asked her "Where are you going?"

Mary replied: "I am going home to eat dinner with my family. Today is 'Eat with your family Day' "

Mary bosses remarked swiftly: "You can put your bag down, I treat you as family too, come to my office, I got something to discuss with you and after that, we will celebrate 'Eat with your family' day together!"

Mary was shocked! She has clocked in hours and hours of overtime for free under her boss, to the extent of skipping meals every night, just to rush work for her. Mary shouted: " Amy! Today is 'eat with your family' day! Do not be unreasonable! I do not treat you as family at all though you said you treated me as one!" With that, she stormed off angrily, leaving her boss, Amy in shock and disbelief.

Amy eventually granted Mary her wish to eat with her family not only on 27 May 2010 but EVERYDAY as Mary was subsequently SACKED with immediate effect!

This is just a fictional story. However it may underscore the difficulty some employees in private sector face when negotiating with their employers to leave an hour earlier and eat with their families on the 'Eat with your family Day'.. lest that their wish to do so would be granted, akin to Mary's case... EVERYDAY!

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