Monday, May 31, 2010

City harvest church under probe

First, we have NKF. Then we have Ren Ci and Reverend Ming Yi. Now we have City Harvest Church!

This morning, while thousands of Singaporeans wake up grudgingly, to leave for work after a long weekend, officers from the commercial affairs department arrived at City Harvest church.

Individuals from the church were interviewed, sorry not for offers to join the commercial affairs department, but to help with inquiry of possible financial irregularities!

It is believed that 12 people linked to the church were questioned in connection with the case, including Kong Hee, the founding member of the church and its pastor.

Hence, another episode of finanical irregularities at a popular social/charity instituion unfolds!

City Harvest Church is a high profile church. It was started by Pastor Kong Hee together with his wife, famous award-winning singer Sun Ho. Recently the church has made news with its stake in Suntec City properties.

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