Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7 children and 2 adults hacked to death in China school killings

7 children and 2 adults were hacked to death by an assailant who later committed suicide. This was China's fifth similar case in less than 2 months where children at schools were attacked by rural dwellers such as farmers.

In all these incidents,the attackers after committing the rampage committed suicide,hence today's latest incident was really a copy-cat version.

There is no apparent reason or motive for such perverted attacks, but some have linked the attacks to stress from increasing urbanization.

Violent and unusual crimes or incidents are getting more and more commonplace these days. Let us not mention the terrorist attacks perpetuated against the Western powers by the extremists, let us look at some of the unusual phenomenons and crimes around the countries:

Hong Kong: The spate of acid attacks in Mongkok and other parts of Hong Kong; bottles of sulphuric acid were hurled down storeys of building, scalding many and disfiguring others

Western nation: School killings too (but not via hammers or cleavers as in China's case but via rifles!)

Singapore: More and more people committed suicide via jumping on the MRT station. Bizarre attacks in school (remember the Widjaja case of stabbing a Professor and committing suicide). Other bizarre cases was the group of teenagers making a suicide pact to die and reincarnated to save the world. As well as the case of a man walking straight into the white tiger's den in the Singapore Zoo to be killed.

The world may be really stressed afterall.

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