Friday, May 28, 2010

Vesak Day

Today is Vesak Day and it is a sacred and important day to Buddhists as they commemorate the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Buddha.

Vesak Day falls on Friday this year in Singapore and hence Vesak Day also marks a long weekend for many Singaporeans who relish the opportunities to go for some overseas holidays with their families on this rare long weekend of the year.

One country, loved by Singaporeans,which cannot be really visited at this moment in time will be Thailand as it is just reeling from the effects of a large political turmoil. So for many Singaporeans, they have explored the turned to the alternative of vacationing in Malaysia and other Asian countries.

For many others, they will be staying put in Singapore as to them, today is just an additional day of rest. There is quite a galore of activities this weekend from book fairs at Suntec city, to food expo at Singapore expo as well as the many family celebrations carnivals all around the island.

Our favorite East coast park, will however not be in the top few choices of an outing this time around as many parts of the park have been tainted with oil after the collision of two oil tankers in the waters off there.

Happy Vesak Day to all of you!

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