Friday, May 28, 2010

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Graduation video

This is amazing! Imagine today is the day of your graduation. The day when the many hours of work and effort you have put in, throughout these years of study have finally reap fruits.

You wear your graduation gown with pride and invite your parents and friends proudly to your graduation ceremony.

Finally, one of the biggest days in your life arrives. You are among the graduating cohort, sitting in the auditorium waiting to collect the certificate you have been studying all along for.

You busy yourself with adjusting your graduation gown before you step in on the calling of your name, ready for camera poses and to the proud applause of your parents, only to find the greatest shock and humilation of your life!

This is what happened to Parthiban s/o Ganesan! When he stepped on the stage, to the horror of his life, the emcee read his name wrongly. It is already quite embarrassing to have your name read wrong. Imagine when the wrong name is read as a CHINESE SWEAR WORD!

Watch this video! Note: the emcess made no efforts to correct the reading of the name. This video has since been uploaded to Youtube by some people and has been clocking in tons of hits!

Parthiban has become a instant celebrity overnight through the emcees' misprounciation error! If I were him, I would be so sad to meet with this blunder from the MC on my big day!

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