Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orchard MRT Station targeted by terrorists ?

Our internal security officers are currently in Jakarta to assist in the investigation of a possible attack by terrorists on Singapore.

The Indonesian police has found a map of Singapore MRT network during a raid on the residence of a terrorist, with Orchard MRT station circled, this led to some speculation that Orchard MRT station is being targeted by the terrorists.

While the circle on the Orchard MRT station does not indicate much and a thorough investigation into the case is necessary, Singaporeans must continue to be vigilant to foil an attack on our rail network.

Our vigilance does not extend to our trains only. All our public facilities and infrastructure could be prone to terrorist attack too.

With the advent of technology, terrorists could easily use application like Google Maps, Google Streetview to plot their attacks.

We live in modern day where information is easily available. And this availability of information to the wrong person for the wrong use is dangerous. Read my interesting
post on Google streetview too.

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