Friday, May 21, 2010

Tiger Airlines

When my wife and I took the Tiger Airlines some months ago, we were quite surprised that the prices of snacks, drinks and food such as nasi lemark were priced much higher than the average sold in our heartland markets. However a Sunday Times article I read some weeks ago, seemed to justify the high prices of these food.

The modus operandi of the aircrew and the airline for these budget airlines are different from their ordinary airline counterparts. The pays of the aircrew consist of a variable component which comes from the commission of the snacks, beer and gifts they sell to passengers.

A plate of nasi lemak on Tiger airlines and other budget airlines costs $10. This is in part attributed by the mark-ups for the sales commission and to justify the cost of the extra amount of plane fuel needed to transport the additional weight of food in the plane. After reading the article, I find the latter ‘fuel’ reason justifiable and this is rarely thought by others when it comes to justifying for the high food price. The incomes earned by airline crew can double their monthly incomes if sales are good.

Being part of the airline crew on Tiger airlines and other budget airlines is more challenging than the ordinary airlines. Aircrew get to be a marketer, a psychologist, a waiter, a promoter and also a steward or stewardess.

Personally, for me a budget airline is quite comfortable enough, though SIA is still the BEST and offers the smoothest and most comfortable journey. Of course, you pay top dollars for SIA, don’t you?

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