Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MRT Security Guards

Since the 911 incident, the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit corporation has deployed a number of security officers at the MRT stations. The main role of these security officers is to help screen and identify potential terrorists by requesting suspicious looking commuters for a screening of their bags and luggage.

I find that although such measures are useful, sometimes it can fall behind times. For example, I always observe that it is always the commuters who carry along with them heavy luggages or haversacks who are stopped and have their bags and belongings checked for explosive
or other terrorist attacks. I can sense the frustration of these commuters as normally, they are going to the airport for a check-in to get to their travel destinations. Such a check can mar their sense of elation of a holiday.

Notwithstanding the fact that the big bags carried by commuters can turn out to be explosive-laden bags by terrorists, ask yourself that which terrorist would be stupid enough to carry a big bag of explosives to board a train, knowing that there would be security guards who would screen his big bags at the stations?

With the advent of technology, explosive and other terrorist devices can be contained in very tiny portable devices, to be detonated by the sending of radio signals. It may hence be impossible for train security guards deployed at our MRT stations to identify such threats.

Many security guards have been derided as most of them are old, middle-aged and look frail, many question how are they going to deter aggressors? I have seen in the past some of these security guards behaving unprofessionally: SMS-texting, chatting, etc but fortuntately, these incidences are now much lesser.

I must salute a security officer deployed at the station near my house. Everyday, I take the train to work, she is already there, doing her duties religiously. When I come back home, she is still there, as vigilant in her duties as usual after 10 over hours! Such work involves long standing and may not be paying well, hence the professionalism she shows is truly outstanding!

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