Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bangkok Tour

Continued from earlier post

As it turned out, the simple map we obtained from the receptionist was of not much use at all. The distances indicated on the map were grossly underestimated and though the map looked pretty decent, there were little actual street signs for us to make use of the map to navigate to where we wanted to go: Central World shopping centre.

You would be calling me nuts to go there (as Central World has been reduced to ashes by the ‘red shirts protestors’ just two to three days ago in Thailand’s worst political maelstrom ever) but take note that our visit to Bangkok was made some months ago. Our journey through the unsafe street out to the shopping district was an adventure by itself and a highlight of our tour (please see this post). We arrived at the T-junction facing Indra’s square shopping mall.

From there, even looking at the map, we could hardly continued, it was too hard to navigate. We asked a tutu driver who was resting for help, it was reassuring that he could speak some English. “From here, walk to Central World, 2 hours” he told us, before asking us whether we wanted a ride from him. We rejected his offer as we had heard of some horror stories involving Bangkok’s taxis and tourists. We decided to explore and walk to Central World ourselves. Initially we walked in one direction, only to find that it seemed wrong (very ulu). By gut feeling, my wife’s little hand in mine, we crossed the bridge towards Indra’s Square in the blazing Sun …(to be continued….)

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