Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why ladies love bald man?

With so many men balding and suffering from hair problems like male pattern baldness, hair thinning, alopecia areata and many other hair problems, sometimes we encounter feel-good anecotes which will lighten up the stress suffered by hair loss victims, both male and female.

Saying such as "God makes all heads, the ugly ones they bury in hair" will seem to serve as a consolation to hair loss sufferers.

Also some people say that bald men are more sexy or more manly as they have more testetorone. But do you know that bald men in the past are highly sought after by women? You might not know and I am just as surprised to read this fact from a hair loss book.

It was reported in the book that scientists have found that bald men were highly sought after by females in primitive socities. In these early societies, men who were able to provide much food for their families were considered 'hot assets' and this provision of food hinges on their ability to hunt wild games!

It was shared in the article that bald primitive men made for better hunters as being bald, animals could not realise that they were actually men and hence these bald men were able to hunt more game and brought home more food for their wives and kids, as such these bald men were HOT in primitive societies!

Fast forward to today, bald men are also considered successful as many rich and successful men are bald. Some have attributed balding to thinking too much or the overuse of brain which lead to more sucess at career and hence more taking-homes!

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