Saturday, May 01, 2010

Labour Day

Today is Labour Day, a day to celebrate the hard work that every employee has put in, in his daily work. I would like to extend the celebration of Labour Day to each and every member of our (you and my) families who has provided us emotional support and the conditions which enable each of us, employee to focus on our work. Labour Day is hence also a day to recognize the efforts of our homemakers, mothers and parents who help to make the working of their employee husbands or children a lot more easier.

This year's Labour Day falls on a Saturday and I hope all employers would enable their employees to clear this holiday on a later date.

While we celebrate Labour Day, I only have this wish for employers that is to rid all sorts of office politics, favoritism, biases of bosses in the workplace as such a mood is debilitating to productivity. Having a boss who favours boot-lickers and penalizes employees who are more hardworking and capable is definitely detrimental to the organization. Having big bosses who engages in favoritism can only force even the most capable and unfavored employee to leave. Ultimately, employee don't leave bad companies, they leave bad bosses! I truly detest bosses who engages in favoritism and are interested only in bootlickers. I detest too colleagues who engage, plot and execute office politics everyday to harm capable colleagues as I have expereienced all these bad examples of management personally.

Okay, enough of this rambling. I would just like to share the Labour Days I have spent in previous years.

2 years ago, I went on my first date with my current wife at Pasir Ris Park! We took many interesting photos together and to tell you, the first date with someone you love is truly a very memorable and amazing one and the photo of us together taken by ourselves is encapsulated in a photo which I put in my wallet till today!

How time passes, two years down the road, I have lost half of my hair but my dear one does not mind my hair loss fact as she loves me very much just as I love her.

I also recall the Labour Days some tens of years back. In two consecutive Labour Days, I was 'lucky' enough to be chosen for guard duty at my Army camp during National Service. When you are a full-time national serviceman, combat fit and active, every weekend and public holiday is much cherished and coveted, hence it is truly a 'demoralizing affair' to spend a public holiday doing patrolling around the camp. I have then thought that I have did justification to the day "Labour Day" as indeed I was expending every ounce of my strength and effort patrolling the camp.

These are some of my reflections of Labour Day. With the arrival of Labour Day, Year 2010 enters into the fifth month. Time always passes so fast, it seems to leave little time for me to pursue my goals, hence on this note, it is time for me to do some thing constructive (aside from my regularly posting on this blog) and I wish you a Happy Labour Day!

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