Saturday, May 08, 2010

An interview with author of Singapore Short Stories

I have decided that today's post will be about me and my motivation for starting this blog.

I have been blogging since 2007 on this blog. Prior to the inventions of blog, I did keep a diary but have since threw it away since most of the entries were made during my National Service days when times were not pleasant anyway. I can say that I am a late starter for IT and the internet. During the times when internet was first introduced, I did not really have a chance to learn about it as there was no need for internet access at home.

It was only through work matters by a strict but good boss in National Service that had me learn the Microsoft office skills the hardway: learning how to type, how to use the basic functions of Microsoft Word. Now looking back at those days, you might have feel the same like me that those functions are very basic, but do not laugh, to a starter and a novice to the computer and the suite of Microsoft office applications, learning how to use Microsoft word or even the computer was really a daunting task.

Hence I can always understand the apprehension of older folks or those non-IT savvy friends learning IT. Back then, I borrowed books from the libraries on Microsoft office applications and learnt on it use the hard way. Gradually, I have reached a competent stage today.

Back to the subject of blogging. Blogging seized Singapore somewhere in the early 2000s. However it was only in 2005 or 2006 that I registered my first blog called "Singapore Short Stories" to start to blog about my life. I did not know what to choose as the title of my blog, it is just a natural instinct to name my blog as "Singapore Short Stories" as I would be using the blog to blog about short daily instances of my daily lives.

However, after having registered the blog, the motivation to blog did not hit me instantly. It was only somewhere in year 2007 that I soon started to blog on a religious basis on the things that happened to me daily in Singapore, my outings, the food I have tried in the myriads of hawker centres in Singapore and so on and so forth.

As I blogged and blogged, my passion for blogging soon intensified and being an avid learner, I decided to learn more about blogging and hence have experimented with many blogging features such as blog tools, layouts, etc.

With constant improvements to my blog like an artpiece, I slowly discovered that readership of my blog soon grew to make my blog garner quite a respectable following everyday. I can definitely vouch that my blog is not one of the very top blogs here in Singapore but there must be a reason readers keep coming to my blog keeping the readership of my blog at a respectable level. I believe what I have written in this blog of my life, my outings and activities in Singapore echoes the same lifestyles and interests of the fellow Singaporeans so much so that they have found my blog and came to it, in one way or another, and finally the title of my blog is suitable: Singapore Short Stories which echo the stories of me, you, Singaporeans and this blog is definitely a blog I would like to share with friends from all over the world for them to get an insight of all things Singaporean!

With the passage of my life and growing of other passions, I have also set up the following separate blogs to share with all my other interests, they are in no order:

a) Singapore Hair Loss Stories : unfortunately as I age, I soon discover the nightmares of hair loss, hence I set up this blog to share with readers my struggle of this much dreaded illness, my fights against it and all my learnings!

b) Find a House in Singapore : one of my recent interests is to study the property market in Singapore, hence this blog for all interested readers too!

c) World Holiday Tours : any of my interests: travelling, on this blog you will read about what living and travel is like in holiday destinations of all over the world!

d) Singapore Investments: everyone wants to be richer and make their monies work harder for them, hence I am learning how to invest now too!

Some of my other blogs:

e) Raffles Review: I am trying to create a rojak blog of diverse interests.

f) Singapore games: to share whats' latest games are regining currently!

g) Online Millionaire Techniques: document some tips to earn an online income!

As the famous saying goes that in life, the key objectives are : "to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy", I hope my sharing of my life, my learnings and my love as encapsulated in this blog will be one of the legacy I live behind when I am gone.

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