Saturday, May 08, 2010

Choices and decisions of life

As someone has said before, “Life is not about nature or nurture, it is all about choices”. Indeed the choices that we make everyday help shape who we are and what we are today. We can go so far as to say that not choosing an option in life is also a choice. For every option we face in life, we make a decision and a choice.

Is it true that in life, sometimes one has no choice? Well if you look at the hundreds of people who drag themselves to work in a job which they have chosen in the past but which they dread the most as time goes by, or others who are forced into accepting a lower-paying and terrible job as a result of retrenchments, it seems that in life sometimes, one has no choice. Can they choose to quit?

Logically, yes, they can choose to quit and end the sufferings in their jobs but the outcome will be that they will be without a job and their dependents will be without a breadwinner. The consequences will be immense and unfavourable. So to justify the maxim that life is a matter of choices, we must also not ignore the potential outcomes of these choices we are to make, they are key determinants as to why some of us stick to a terrible choice in life at times.

I have made a number of the worst choices in life which I regret till today. At this time of writing, I am still suffering the adverse negative effects of these choices, everyday! Sound shocking right? To some of these worst choices, time will heal this painful effect but with other choices, the damage is already irreparable and I am facing these negative effects forever!

You may have asked why I have made these choices in the first place? Well my own experience is the same as buying a good touted to be the best by the salesmen only to find that it rots and no replacement or refund is possible. Only in my experiences, the effect is really terrible and no amounts of money can buy back the moment I made these choices else I would have taken a different path.

I am a victim of real terrible people who have made me lose my time, opportunities with their fake promises! Worst still, I am on the receiving end of people who do not do their duties correctly and properly, daily!

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