Friday, May 21, 2010

Bangkok protests ended, leaving behind a city in tatters

After the Thai government has acted decisively to contain the months-long political turmoil in Bangkok, normalcy has returned slowly to Bangkok, though pockets of tension and aggression by the red shirts protesters continue to smoulder.

What is left of Bangkok is a city in tatters with burnt buildings and damaged public infrastructure.

This red shirt political maelstrom is akin to Thailand’s 9-11 just as the Central World shopping centre in Bangkok is akin to the twin tower in 9-11: Central World shopping centre was destroyed by fire set by red shirt protestors and it was reported that the burnt building has to be torn down as a result.

I have visited Central World shopping mall with my wife some months back. This shopping mall, one of the largest in South East Asia is really nice. We had great meals there and enjoyed shopping there.

But now this shopping mall, destroyed by the fire set by the protestors, is gone, and what we have left is broken memories and debris…..

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