Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apply NDP tickets

Oh how time flies, our National Day is coming once again! The National Day Parade (NDP) is Singapore's grandest parade and you would not want to miss this year's parade too! So apply for your NDP tickets right now! Application for this year's National Day tickets start from today!

There are couple of ways of applying for your NDP tickets and I believe that the easiest way will be via Internet right at the comforts of your home! To catch the specutacular NDP show this year, apply for your tickets now with this link

In the past, the application of NDP tickets is via queuing up at the sports stadium all across the island. Eager party-goers queue up for days just to be in pole positions to secure the tickets! I still recall the days when I was in secondary school queuing up for hours for the tickets at one of the stadiums, bringing books just to read up and pass the time.

Is balloting for NDP tickets fairer than queueing up? To a certain extent, queueing up inevitably links rewards directly to efforts: if you are sincere and eager to attend the Nation's greatest party, you will put in more effort, coming to the stadiums or places of ticket allocation earlier to be ahead of the queues to obtain the tickets. When it comes to balloting, all the applicants are subjected to chance and the process of probability.

I really hope that I can attend this year's National Day parade with my wife! It has been tens of years that I have not attended a National Day parade despites religiously participating in the electronic balloting of NDP tickets year after year and even choosing the highest probability to watch the spectacular show by just opting for 2 tickets are the rehearsal. The other time when I actually watched the NDP show onsite was donkey years ago when helping out with the army fatigues and through getting the tickets via manual queueing up.

Some people have explored the 'loophole' of watching some essences of the NDP show by turning up secretly and unannounced at the many rehearsals of the National Day Parade. You can try it this year, by turning up at the City Hall Padang in the mid week of July weekends to see whether you are able to catch a glimpse of the show or the fireworks!

With the demise of one of Singapore's founding leaders, Dr Goh Keng Swee, I believe that the organizers for this year's parade will screen some video footages of the late great leader for the Nation to commemorate him on this special occassion. What is more, this year's parade will be held right at the doorsteps of City Hall, it makes the commemoration of Dr Goh Keng Swee at the National Day Parade even more fitting. To all the Leaders, Generals and Scholars reading this post, may you consider my suggestion to pay tribute to Dr Goh Keng Swee on our National Day this year.

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