Friday, May 21, 2010

Central World Burnt

When my Dear and I were in Thailand just some months ago, we enjoyed ourselves very much at Central World shopping centre, one of the largest shopping centres in South East Asia.

We enjoyed good Thai food at the restaurant, and my Honey bought her Naraya bags at an outlet there. The shopping centre is fantastic and I even took a photo of this great shopping centre in Bangkok.

After we came back, the red shirt protestors mounted their strikes and protests Intially, it was peaceful though glory as bottles and bottles of blood from the protestors were drawn and spilt on government grounds.

Gradually, the protests grew more and more violent, leading to the crackdown yesterday and my lovely Central World was burnt!

It is a pity! Just take a look at the Central World before it was burnt:

It is real sad that Thailand, a land of smiles has degenerated into a cauldron of boiling tensions. I believe the protests will still continue for a while with pockets of tensions, rioting and arsons. I hope red shirt protestors will recognize their acts have gone too far.

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