Friday, May 07, 2010

Council for Estate Agencies

The government will be setting up a new statutory agency under the arm of the Ministry of National Development. This new agency will be called the Council for Estate Agencies and its main role is to regulate the piping hot property and estate market in Singapore, curb errant property agents and to safeguard property buyers.

I believe the government's move to regulate the property and estate market is a timely one in view of the high volumes of resale flat and private property transactions in recent years. For many, purchasing a home is the largest financial investment and important decision of their lives, hence it is only natural that the process of buying their home is a pleasant and fair one.

For many buyers, when it comes to buying a house from the open property market, they have not much of a choice but to turn to a real estate or property agent to help in sourcing for potential flats and to faciliate the whole purchase transaction. We have heard of many errant property agents, who give unprofessional advice, behave unprofessionally or jack up the actual price of the property. Having a statutory board to regulate property agents, weed out the errant one and help raise the overall professional standard of the agents and the image of the property estate industy is well-applauded by Singaporeans. Visit Find a House in Singapore for all news related to Singapore's property and estate market today!

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