Saturday, May 08, 2010


I have not read the book by Robin Sharma: “The leader without a title” but I can assure you that you lead people and manage things. One can be a C-level executive (Chairman, CEO, etc) but the leadership skills can be miserable. A CEO can talk about grandiose development plans for his staff on paper but it is useless at all if he does not know the actual ground feeling of the organization. Axe bad bosses, bootlickers and office-politic-kers is key to improve morale in the organization.
If you are a boss, be sure to behave and act like a boss. You are not an employee. You would need to show care and concern for your employees under your charge and never show bias. You should not be shallow enough to be coaxed by bootlickers. You should be discerning enough to know who are playing office politics in your office. When an employee you like due to his or her ‘many concerted actions’ tell lies and dishonour others, you should properly investigate to do justice to the other party and not believe these employees with a vested interest.

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