Monday, May 31, 2010

Singapore table tennis wins world table tennis championship

Singapore, has for the first time, in its sporting history, tamed its nemesis giant in table tennis: China!

Yup, our country has finally lifted its first table tennis world title in Moscow on Sunday (yesterday) night!

Kudos to the formidable display of grit, determination and belief of team members Feng Tianwei, Wang Yuegu and Sun Beibei.Mighty China was beaten 3-1 by our female trio in the final of the World Team Table Tennis Championships!

The match was not telecasted live on Singapore televisions hence it caught many Singaporeans by surprise when the results was released. Like myself, I believe many Singaporeans did not even know that the table tennis world competition has been held.

As anticipated, our nation's triumph has drawn mixed reviews. As you have known, our winning team is not Singaporeans at all, but all China-born foreign talents who have now become new citizens.

I believe it does not matter whether it is our China-born players who win the award or our local-born atheletes who cliched the accolade, the most important thing is that the winners represent Singapore and Singapore has won!

To celebrate the feat, I believe Singapore Mediacorp should play a encore re-telecast of the winning match on national television on weekends. I will be the legions of Singaporeans who will be watching the encore re-telecasted match. I hope this arrangement can be done so that we Singaporeans will once again feel the triumph and pride of our sporting talents ever since our win of the Olympic bronze medal.

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