Tuesday, June 02, 2009

World Book Fair 2009?

Having a little time today, I visite the World Book Fair 2009 held at the Suntec City. Being an avid book lover, I look forward to the event with immense anticipation as I wonder what great books and discounts I can seek there.

Entering the convention hall 402 to 404 at Suntec City, I was greeted by booths after booths of Children's education products. Where are the books, I thought to myself. Moving on, I saw stationery and at last a number of Chinese book booths. Beyond that, the exhibition, 'gave way' to booths which would make this World Book Fair 2009 a 'World Lifestyle Fair ' instead: there was a host of food and drink stalls, stalls offering help on slimming, hair loss and other convenience products!
I did not see any signs which resemble a book fair, lest a WORLD book fair! Instead I got my fix of books at the Popular bookstore in Suntec City instead!


Dutchie said...

What kind of books do u read ?

I like novels of any kind, mostly the whodunit type. I hv close to 1000 books in my own room. My hubby's home office is filled on 3 sides with shelves stuffed full with books on IT, travel, sports, trade journals, IQ series n self-improvement books.

Here's the joke - when we decided to clear the rooms for new editions, the ka-long-goo-nee guy offered 30ct for 1kg worth of books when they r worth thousands of euro's. This guy has a recycling shop in our town. He resells the books at 3 to 5 euro each !! We hv moved the books to a garage until someone offers us a decent price.

So, do u hv problems with book storage as well ?

Singapore Short Stories said...

hi Dutchie, ya I love books but after reading them, I have storage problems just like u too!

hence i prefer to borrow books from libraries these days.

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