Friday, June 05, 2009

Singapore NDP 2009 Blog

I can hardly wait for this year's National Day Parade!
Kudos to the NDP organizing committe for leveraging on social media such as blogs to engage Singaporeans in celebrating the 44th birthday!
This is the way to go man, as Singaporeans become more and more cyber-savvy and interact more and more on social media such as blogs, facebooks etc.
This year's NDP will be going to be a great success as there is alreay so much buzz that is generated on the ground due to the many innovative concepts used in this year's parade.
Blog is one feature and there will be more innovative concepts and highlights....I heard of some really innovative inaugural concepts too but keeping mum here. If you want to find out, 9th Aug 09 is the day to catch the highlights!
If you have not get the tickets for the grand party yet after application, do not fret yet, who knows the NDP team may be calling you in the coming days to inform you to collect the tickets. If really cannot get the tickets, then catching on TV is GREAT too!
Meanwhile, be clued in to the exciting highlights of the 'back scene' of this great party at this website.

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