Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vivocity: Balloon Sculpting

I was in Vivocity yesterday when I caught sight of two balloon sculptists plying their trade in the busy and bustling shopping centre.

I am always amazed at the intricate skills of balloon sculptists: how could they manage to craft a myriad of forms resembling animals, objects, toys, etc out from a fragile and soft material called balloon?

Just as curious and amazed was I were dozens of passer-bys who stood still, watching the craftsmen breathe life into the inanimate balloons.

It would be foolhardy to say that these balloons are ordinary balloons. No they are not, at least I am wise enough to tell these facts. The shapes of each deflated ballon is long and narrow, unlike those big, circular balloons when fully inflated. Now these balloons must be made to withstand the twisting, lengthening, crafting and other maneuvering.
Everyone in the world is skilled in one trade or another. I believe balloon artistes are able to give joy to others, especially young children in their job. A laughter can be an invaluable thing in today's hectic society.

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