Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bricks Jamboree in Changi Airport Terminal 3 - First time in Singapore!

I believe many of us would have played with Lego at some point or another during our childhood.

The pieces of Lego can be used to build up our childhood fantasy: be it castles, cars, human and houses.

Now, what about a chance to relieve some of these childhood days and at the same time, view majestic Lego displays carried out by the experts in Lego-ing?

I was at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2 yesterday with my Dear when we came across the Bricks Jamboree and were impressed by the Lego art pieces by Certified Lego Profesionals.

According to the exhibition website, the mini Lego exhibition featured creations from some of the experts in Lego such as Kenney (New York), Dirk Denoyelle (Belgium) and Singapore's Nicholas Foo.

I love Lego when I was young and I was a Lego fanatic. Nowadays, I do not have time to play Lego and whatsmore, Lego pieces are expensive here!

We should promote Lego-ing in Primary Education as these are Great learning tools beside entertainment toys!

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