Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jurong Lakeside District

Mention Jurong, and the sight of chimneys spewing out foul smoke will often come into the mind of many.

This is inevitable as Jurong has always been associated with the many industries there.

The facade of Jurong will change in 5 to 10 years' time when the Jurong Lakeside District comes to fruition!

There will be waterfront living, hotels, a new science centre, restaurants, offices and many more! akin another new downtown in Singapore!

Singapore has developed the city area, currently it is revamping the Marina area (South of Singapore) with the Integrated Resorts, new financial centre and the new Marina Botanic Gardens. Thus it is natural that our country is looking into the other regions: west, east and north to develop further.

For East, I believe the theme in the masterplan is to make it a park hub, for the north, hmmm I believe it is already quite congested. Anyway, I really love Singapore for it houses many aspects: natural, cultural, residential, industrial,adventurous,etc all onto one small island which we call home!

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