Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The state of the mind

Just last night, I watched a video clip on the internet about a tragic suicide of a man in India.

The man has climbed to the top of a busy stationary train, stood up and was gesturing in an irrational manner. Just some centimetres away from him was live overhead electric cables! Many people were looking at him, unsure of his next move when out of a sudden, he raised his right hand and gently touched the live cable carrying thousands of volts. In less than a second, his body convulsed, dropped to the body of the train with smokes still billowing from his hand! He was dead shortly …all within few seconds!

It was a shocking image but the same scenes of people losing their minds are played out almost everyday in all parts of the world, resulting in tragic deaths. At home in Singapore, just two days ago, a jobless young man had a tiff with his father after which he ran out to his balcony and plunged to his death a few storiess down. What ensued was unpredictable yet even more tragic, his father who could not take the sudden blow, followed suit and jumped to his death too!

It is sad to see people losing their minds and doing things that cost their lives! Others who do not think rationally too may commit a crime in a fit of passion. All these victims were mainly individuals who for a moment could not think rationally through their problems to come to a solution! While it is sad that most of these victims who were healthy treat their lives with scant respect, others who were not physically fortunate desire for good health, normal lives and battle with the disease which cripple them everyday!

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