Wednesday, June 17, 2009

National Day 2009 Fun Pack

Participants of this year National Day Parade can look forward to an exciting funpack (see insert above).

The fun pack which is a messenger bag could be converted into a tote bag with a removable velcro flap; there are 8 different colours to choose from!

An exciting array of accessories reside in the fun bag:
a) chocolate cream roll
b) chocolate cream crackers
c) fruity candies
d) dino gummies
e) mineral water
f) green tea,
g) isotonic drink
h) hand-shaped drum
i) NDP 2009 tattoos (including an exclusive Eu Yan Seng tattoo!)
j) heart-shaped lantern,
l)peach-scented wet tissues,
m) plastic bag,
n)miniature Singapore flag ...................

oops, so sorry, I do not have luck to be chosen this year for the NDP, will have to wait patiently for one more year! else I will bring in all the details of the NDP right here on this blog!

But dun worry, I will bring to you the heartland NDP celebrations! Meanwhile, for those who want to watch NDP fireworks, you can also do so at the many previews (including National Education shows) if you do not want to jostle with the crowds on National Day itself.


Anonymous said...

not fair at all last year national day fun pack is made of paper. this the bag made cloth once
not fair to last year pri 5 pupli at all. this year President so good to the this year pri 5 once
the President not good to last year pri 5 student .

Cyrus said...

Haha. This year's FunPack is pretty awesome. I wish that I could watch Electrico live at the NDP; They're great.

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