Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sutdy about Twitter and Facebook in Singapore Universities

Blogging, Facebook and Twitter have taken the world by storm! Who could have expected that these online social media could have such a huge impact on society?
Blogging was leveraged upon in Barack Obama's Presidential Bid last year and was also believed to help pull in some votes for Obama from the youth of the United States. In Singapore, the government is also exploring ways to connect with an increasingly cyber-savvy youths with the online social media.
The importance of these online social media in today's Singapore is underscored when the local varsities announced recently to incorporate a portion of their undergraduate curriculum to teach students on the use of these media as well as studying the effect of these online social networking media on societies.
Personally, I find that this education is pertinent in preparing the youths of today for tomorrow world whereby social interactions can be governed or impacted chiefly by online social networking tools.
This world is simply amazing! Who could have imagined that a personal diary for some could morph into a blog which one could share his life with the world? And for some they have become instant millionaires with blogging!
Now, Blogging and Facebook have slowly give way to Twitter which is now the latest 'IN-thing'!

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