Monday, June 15, 2009

The ISO way of Life

Many local and overseas companies have embraced ISO 9001 certifications for two reasons: firstly the certifications demonstrate to customers that these companies have a systemic approach in their business operations towards satisfying customers’ needs. Secondly, it is widely believed that a religious implementation of the ISO 9001 practices could lead to continual improvements in the company’s performance in the varied arenas.

There are 8 mantras to ISO 9001: Customer Focus, Leadership, Involvement of People, Process Approach, System Approach to Management, Continual Improvement, Factual Approach to Decision Making and Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships. In my personal opinion, I believe the ISO 9001 system offers an invaluable guide to streamlining the operational processes of businesses to achieve or even exceed operational targets. I am also starting to believe that one could also adopt the practices of ISO 9001 to one’s personal lives to help achieve one’s goal!

We talk about Vision and Mission in ISO 9001 as applied to businesses. Similarly, for each of us, we have a personal Vision and Mission in our lives. What do we want to achieve in our life? (Vision) How do we go about achieving our vision? (Mission). Similarly we have different customers in our daily lives: be it our parents, our siblings, our wife, our friends, our bosses, our colleagues… how do we go about satisfying their needs in ISO parlance can be interpreted as how we go about forging a good relationship with each of these ‘customers’. Abovementioned are just two examples on how we can apply ISO 9001 practices in our daily life.

We can definitely adopt the systematic approaches preached by ISO in our daily life to strive towards Effectiveness and Excellence! However, ultimately, every one of us is not a robot, we need to practise some flexibility in designing a systematic approach in our daily life.

I have learnt that ‘Focus’ is the most important ingredient towards success in one’s personal life and I agreed to it, but it would make more meaning to use the word ‘Right Focus’. For what use it will be, if one were to focus on an unconstructive pursuit? Whether or not a pursuit in life undertaken by anyone is deemed constructive is really relative. For some, they would find playing computer games constructive, others find doing volunteering work constructive, each has his likes or dislikes in everyday life. What one considers as constructive pursuit for which he channels his focus everyday may be derided by some as waste of valuable time.

A time-honored mantra I love and which I have found true is: “Excel in what you love and you shall succeed”. This is also how ordinary folks can become rich by focusing on their passions, on what they love and what they do best. Each of us is talented in some ways or others; all of us are not made equally. For some, they are good in sales, for others, they are better in research, thus there is really a spectrum in life of things that are available for us to succeed, which lies in our passion!

To find success in life, one must find out one’s passion, focus on it and excel!

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