Monday, June 29, 2009

A Salute to the Unsung Heroes!

In our hectic city life, we may have taken certain things and people who play an important role in our life for granted.

The unsung heroes in our daily lives, who help to make life possible for us: the drivers of the MRT, buses we take everyday, the foodstall operators who cook the meals we eat during work, the newspaper vendors whom we receive or bought our newspapers from everyday.

Singaporeans love to travel and with airfares hitting rock-bottom prices in the recent years, a large proportion of the world’s population commutes via planes for their vacations and overseas work.

We tug at our luggage at the airport every time we travel overseas and hastily find a trolley to ‘dump’ our luggage on so that we can just push our luggage with ease. We can sometimes forget the very person who makes the trolleys available to us: the trolley operation executives, in my own preferred term.

I was at Changi Airport last week when I caught sight of the rows of neatly stacked-up trolleys in the transit area. It is certainly no joke for the operation executives to assemble the heavy trolleys in a centralized location, taking cognizance of the fact that in the airport, travelers use and dump the trolleys (after use) in almost any part of the airport.

So next time you are at the airport, departing to or arriving from an overseas travel, watch out for these unsung heroes and give them your recognition in the form of a simple gesture: a smile or a nod. Such simple gestures can mean a lot to them, letting them know that their laborious daily ordinary work is being

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