Thursday, June 25, 2009

The myth behind Ngee Ann City !

Dear Singapore readers,

I deserve to be boxed!

For years, I always mention to others that I am going to Takashimaya or more popularly called Taka when in actual fact IT SHOULD BE NGEE ANN CITY AT SOME OF THE TIMES WHEN I SAY THAT!

I am only enlightened recently that Takashimaya is a shop in Ngee Ann City and Taka does not equal Ngee Ann City and Ngee Ann City does not equal Taka.

If you are going Taka, it means that you really are going to Taka (and hence also going Ngee Ann City for Taka is in Ngee Ann City).

If you are going Ngee Ann City, it does not necessary means that you are going to Taka for you can be going to other shops in Ngee Ann City.

In mathematical terms, Taka is a subset of Ngee Ann. Ngee Ann is a set containing Taka and many other stalls like Kinokuniya, Coffee Bean and many other stalls.

If you are still clueless or made even more confused by my explanation, to just explain in very simple logic:

Taka is to Ngee Ann City as Carrefour is to Suntec City!

Still confused? Then go to ask the receptionist in the shopping centre after you cross the underpass from Wisma Atria Shopping Centre!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, saw your blog, I think you had us even more confused.

1) Ngee Ann City = Takashimaya Shopping Centre (branded boutique from B2 - L5) + Takashimaya Department Store (tower A, B2 - L4 & indoor event space, Takashimaya Square) + managing office building + outdoor event space, Civic Plaza + car park
2) Takashimaya Shopping Centre = branded boutique from B2 - L4, e.g. Mango, Zara, LV, Dior, Cartier, etc.
3) Takashimaya Department Store = the whole of tower A from B2 - L4 (fronting Paragon and side facing Negara Meritus Mandarin Hotel, adjasent to Park Hotel)

hope it helps...

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