Sunday, June 14, 2009

Singapore PC Show 2009.. what a madness!

My Dear and I attempted to make our way to Singapore PC Show 2009 that was held since Thursday (till today) at Suntec City Convention Hall.

Right straight from the MRT,we were greeted with PEOPLE and yet MORE PEOPLE!
The crowd finally culminated at Suntec City convention hall, where hundreds and hundreds of people were just queuing just to go up the escalators for their prized catch at the PC show!
There was an equally massive crowd/jam on the down-riding escalators!

There were barricades set to streamline the flow of the crowd, so at least the crowd was more manageable.

But there was so much crowd, so MANY people just outside the fair halls that we wondered what could be the scene inside the event halls!

After a considered decision, we decided not to visit the fair.

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