Friday, June 19, 2009

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2009

The beautiful skyline adorning the vicinity around Fullerton Hotel.

The '3 pillars' are the emerging skyscrapers of Singapore's Marina Sands Integrated Resorts and it is quite obvious from the picture.

But look carefully at the picture.. we can see the structure of hundreds of flash lights have been set up along the streets (which will be transformed into F1 racing tracks) for a sight that will GREET the world come 25 to 27 September!: World's Only Night Grand Prix (for the second time)!

Last year, when I watched the TV footage of the racing cars on the brightly lit streets amidst the landscaped vicinity in the City, made even more riveting by the many national landmarks such as the Fullerton Hotel, the Merlion, Old Parlimanent House... I feel proud of Singapore.

The world watched Singapore deliver the world's inaugural F1 night race successfully, compliments were aplenty and I believe this year, Singapore's F1 will be another success and if not, better!

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