Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Ineluctable phase of life

The moment I wake up everyday, I would find scattered around my blanket, dozens of strands of fallen hairs. The same scene plays out after I shampoo every time: dozens of hair strewn around the sinkhole of the bathroom. Yes, no kidding, I am balding and have been losing hundreds and hundreds of hair each day for the past 3 years, spent a fortune on all products which have promised me miracles but alas what a waste of money.. all these treatments do not work for me. I have to admit that I am balding, suffer from male pattern baldness, which is a sign of ageing.

Talking about ageing, ageing is the ineluctable phase of life, which everyone has to undergo. I am in my 30s, but I could instinctively feel that my energy, vigor and virility level is not as great as in my 19s. In my 19s or 21s, my hair was as thick as a mop, now it is as bare as a desert. I have boundless of energy then, but now I drag my feet home after a workday… I have indeed aged and my complexion has withered too.

With age, one will gradually lose one’s looks… wrinkles will soon form, skin will sag, hair will fall…. all of these are the ineluctable signs of aging everyone of us will have to face and contend with.

However wisdom grows with age. As one goes on in age, one accumulates years of experiences in and of life, learnt from setbacks and lessons and indeed grows wiser. A single word of advice from the elder may save the youth some painful lessons as the elder may have experienced all what the youth would want to experiment before, for example in the context of entrepreneurship. While we must constantly tap on the experiences and wisdom of the elders, we must also take cognizance of the fact that the youth of today shall not be restricted in ideas by what the wise elderly men say, what may fail yesterday may succeed tomorrow! We need constantly break new grounds, seek innovations and improve lives! Let the wisdom of our seniors be great guiding signposts!

Coming back to the point of ageing, modern man has to his advantage, a suite of vitamins and minerals for him to choose to ‘pop’ conveniently into his mouth to safeguard against diseases and ageing. I am guilty of that too, but sometimes I shudder at the thought of more complications arising from the blatant use of drugs among human, which causes more hitherto unheard of diseases to surface in the world!

Our life on this earth is temporary… many things in life like materialistic comfort, status are just fleeting clouds in our life. Our love, spirit and shared good memories with others will transcend our life; our good deeds, honour, contributions to society and children will be our legacy!

With that, I no longer waste my time and money on my scalp, and will not bother with the countless stares people throw at my balding head everyday…Life is short, live to the fullest!

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