Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort & Sentosa Resort World

Whenever I visit the Esplanade, I would not fail to whip out my camera and take a shot of the rising Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, which though is under construction, is nearing completion (with the target completion date at the end of the year)

When my Dear and I were at the Esplanade last Saturday, I was surprised to see the resort building higher by a few stories!

This must be due to the fact that I have not been to the Esplanade area for quite some time already.

When the Marina Bay Integrated resorts, the new Marina Bay Financial District and the new Botanic Gardens are up and running, the whole of Marina Bay will be transformed into a stunning downtown!

I like to come to the Esplanade with my Dear on weekend nights as it offers Singaporeans a relaxing chill-out venue, replete with the coolness of the night as well as the Great night scenery!

The experience in our own Esplanade could rival that of the waterfront Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong.

I read that Asian nations like Singapore and Hong Kong often build their Central Business District facing or surrounded by a water promenade: think of Raffles Place in Singapore and Central in Hong Kong as water is believe to be the source of fortune in Chinese Fengshui.
From the spot where I sat, I could see that there is some construction ongoing for a temporary platform for our nation’s Greatest Party of the year (National Day)

Our admiration of the magnificent scenery was disrupted by a rowdy group of men (around 4 to 5) and a lady dolled up sexily who suddenly descended close to where we sat.

Strangely, the guys took up the seat opposite the lady who sat beside me. They were busy giggling and jesting among themselves. As the lady stood up and walked to them, they left and the lady occupied the seats they vacated.
I took one fast glance at the lady who was then puffing heavily opposite me and realized though how pretty she was, she was a transvestite! ‘She’ was clearly plying her trade at the Esplanade evidenced from the exaggerated turns and twists of her body and the seductive glances she threw at men passing by.

In light of the recent controversy about the third gender sparked by the Aware leadership tussle saga, I would like to say that I have no disrespect and am neutral to the choices, lifestyle of the third gender but for a transvestite clearing plying ‘her’ trade in full public view at a public place is not really comforting to me.

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