Friday, June 05, 2009

A note to all Parents

I believe All parents, no matter how they treat their children, should NEVER look down on their very own children, belittling them, berating them, humiliating them and telling that they would be just ordinary or less than average folks or even worse, useless folks!

Often, parents being the caregivers of their children often assume such a high authority in the eyes of their children so much so that whatever they say, is often taken as the wholesome truth and nothing but the truth to their children.

"You are not clever!", "How can you be a millionaire, don't day dream, wake up to reality!", "You study so much for what, you will never make it BIG in life".....please stop saying these simply humilating words to your children for these words could become self-perpetuating beliefs of the children which could be finally actualised into reality!

Every child has his or her own potentials. Parents, create an environment for your children to bloom and succeed! NEVER NEVER BELITTLE YOUR CHILDREN! It could be one of the worst things parents can do to them!

We have so limited time in our lives! If we do not strive to achieve our dreams now, then WHEN??

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