Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Singapore UNDISCOVERED Retreat for Exhibitionists!

If you are an Exhibitionist like I am, I have one good undiscovered retreat that I would like to recommend to YOU!
Wow, sounds interesting right! Sounds exciting and sounds sleazy right! But before your mind wanders off to the wrong direction, let me define what I mean by an 'exhibitionist' (in my own coined term).
A Singapore 'exhibitionist' is someone who likes to go for exhibitions and learn things from all subjects of life! Thus like me, a Singapore 'exhibitionist' would like to go to Suntec City Convention Halls and Expo to visit the plethora of exhibitions that are regularly held there.
And I believe even if you are not an 'exhibitionist', you may go to Suntec City Convention Hall to visit an exhibition or two on and off... and it is highly likely you be visiting Suntec City tomorrow for the Singapore PC show 2009.
My recommended retreat for all of you: find some seats if you can in Suntec for it will be hard on your legs standing and navigating your way amidst the throngs of crowds!

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